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    • Thu, September 21, 2017
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Online: All members will be emailed a link to access the webinar two days prior to the event.

    Five Things You Can Do Right Now
    to Implement Brain-Based Learning

    If you could see inside the brains of your audience, could you design and deliver more effective learning experiences? Margie Meacham, aka “The Brain Lady,” has been helping organizations apply the neurosciences to enhance learning and performance for over a decade. In our first-ever webinar, Margie will give you an overview of the latest discoveries coming from this exciting and fast-moving field, along with five practical things you can do right now to implement brain-based learning in your organization.

    In this webinar, you will learn how to:

    ●      Separate fact from hype when you read about neuroscience in the popular press

    ●      Write learning objectives that stimulate existing neural pathways and make the brain ready to learn new skills

    ●      Tap into learners’ unconscious wiring to grab and maintain attention

    ●      Implement simple brain-based learning techniques into your existing programs to enhance learning and performance

    Margie Meacham is the author of Brain Matters: How to help anyone learn anything using neuroscience, The Brain Matters Coloring Book and Brain Matters Too: Implementing Brain-Based Learning in a Changing World. A recognized thought leader on the subject of brain-based learning, Margie appears at major conferences such as ATD International Conference and Expo, Learning Solutions, The Learning and Development Conference (TLDC) and others. She hosts one of the top 10 podcasts for learning professionals in the world and teaches an online course on Brain-Based Learning for ATD. Learn more about Margie at or follow her on Twitter @margiemeacham.

    Margie Meacham 

    All members will be emailed a link to access the webinar two days prior to the event. Non-member must complete payment before receiving the link two days prior to the event.

    Everyone who is registered has a chance to win one free pass to DevLearn!!

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    • Thu, September 28, 2017
    • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
    • BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse 8785 Villa La Jolla Drive San Diego, CA 92037

    Topics In Higher Ed Fireside Chat
    Led by John W. Alexander, III

    John W. Alexander, III has twenty years of experience encompassing instructional design, teaching. and training.

    He is currently Director, Instructional Design, at San Diego State University's College of Extended Studies where he leads a team which guides faculty in the development of online credit degree programs as well as non-credit certificate programs.

    John will lead an informal discussion during the second half (6:30 - 7:30) of the September 28 HPA. 

    Topics we will discuss include:

    • Authentic Assessment
    • Remote Proctoring tools
    • OER (Open Educational Resources)
    • LMS Analytics

    Please join us for a lively discussion!

    Cancellation Policy

    • Thu, October 26, 2017
    • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
    • BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse 8785 Villa La Jolla Drive San Diego, CA 92037

    A group of people just like you are getting together for happy hour and professional networking.

    They are learning, training, and development professionals and they want YOU to join them. They want to get to know you and for you to get to know them.

    If you're a consultant or have business services to offer, they want to hear about them.

    If you're a student, they want to tell you about what you can expect as you enter the workforce.

    If you are in transition, they want to help you meet other people that can help you find your next job.

    And if you are in an established position, they want to hear about what you are working on and maybe help you problem-solve (they are super creative).

    When it's over, they will want to stay in touch with you and hope you want to stay in touch too.

    New friends and new learning are waiting for you.

    Cancellation Policy

    • Sun, November 12, 2017
    • 7:45 AM
    • Mon, November 13, 2017
    • 4:30 PM
    • 404 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90071

    A Day of Learning and Networking in Your Own Backyard

    Many busy talent development professionals struggle to find time for their own professional development. ATD is partnering with the Southern California regional chapters to bring you a full day of essential education and networking so you can sharpen your professional skills, learn about the latest industry trends and best practices, and network with local colleagues who share your common challenges.

    Conference sessions will focus on:

    • leadership development
    • personal and professional growth
    • talent development management
    • instructional design
    • training and delivery.

    Don’t forgo your professional development and the opportunity to meet and network with local talent development leaders because of your busy schedule. Spend one day out of the office with us and get the education you need to be successful for the rest of the year.

    Register here and enter
    CHIP code CH8024 at checkout

    *Remember to use the San Diego Chapter code: CH8024 during checkout for a portion to be paid back to our chapter.


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