Human Performance Alliance

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On the 4th Thursday of each month, a group of people – just like you – get together in La Jolla or Carlsbad.

They’re learning, training and Talent Development professionals… and they want YOU to join them.

They want to get to know you, and for you to get to know them.

If you’re a consultant or have business services to offer, they want to hear about them.

If you’re a student, they are happy to talk about what you can expect as you enter the workforce.

If you are in transition, they want to help you meet other people that can help you find your next job.

And if you are in an established position, they want to hear about what you are working on, and maybe help you problem-solve (they’re super creative).

When it’s over, they’ll want to stay in touch with you, and hope that you want to stay in touch with them.

And they will look forward to when you can get together again.

New friends are waiting for you.

Register now.   Add the date to your calendar.   Prepare to enjoy yourself.

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