What's the difference between ATD San Diego and ATD National?

ATD San Diego is your local chapter of the national ATD organization. 
We work very closely with the national organization, but we are separate entities and we require separate memberships. 
ATD San Diego provides professional and personal development at the 'grassroots' level, including in-person networking opportunities with your colleagues and peers in the local community and hands-on opportunities for career development and help growing your business and professional skills.
ATD National provides extensive research, in the form of books, surveys on a range of important topics, and white papers and reports that are highly useful to members in many ways.  ATD National also provides professional development opportunities in the form of certification programs, webinars led by industry experts, and conferences.  As an ATD National member, you'll also receive the acclaimed td Talent Development magazine, and discounts on most ATD National offerings.
Many of our members find great value in belonging to both the local ATD San Diego chapter and ATD National. 
Members of ATD San Diego are eligible for a discount on ATD National membership.  It's called becoming a Power Member, and it's a great way to leverage your membership dollars!
Not currently an ATD San Diego member?  Want to join both ATD San Diego AND ATD National? 
Visit our Membership Registration page and follow the instructions there. You'll be billed the discounted ATD National membership rate of $179 (normally $199) along with your membership to ATD San Diego.
Already an ATD San Diego member? Want to join ATD National at the discounted rate?  
No problem.  Simply go to the ATD National page and click the "Join or Renew" link at the top of the page.  Follow the instructions on the pages that follow, being very sure to include the ATD San Diego CHIPs code, CH8024, in the appropriate box on the check-out page.
Already an ATD San Diego member AND an ATD National member - and you signed up for National but didn't get the discount? 
Oops.  But that too can be remedied!  Contact ATD National at this link:  customercare@td.org.  Tell them that you're an ATD San Diego member, and that our CHIPs code is CH8024.  They will be able to arrange a refund on your overpayment.  
Questions? Email office@tdsandiego.org and we'll take care of you! 

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