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ATD San Diego Leadership Opportunities

ATD San Diego has several board positions open for members looking for opportunities to use and enhance their leadership experience and skills. Board members build not only a strong network of colleagues, but a circle of lasting friendships. Opportunities to showcase your talents are nearly unlimited on the board. Whether your gifts are technical, organizational, or creative, serving on the board provides a great opportunity to demonstrate and develop your leadership skills for the betterment of our Chapter and your professional career. Don’t underestimate the power of a “Board Member” title on your resume.


All board positions are one year terms, except for President-Elect, which is a three year commitment (President-elect, President, and Past President). To be eligible, members in good standing must have served a minimum of six months in a volunteer capacity in this chapter or have relevant work/volunteer experience. 

Upcoming Board Vacancies:


Role Overview:

As the Director of Digital Experience, you will be the driving force behind our chapter’s online presence and member engagement. You'll take charge of all aspects of our digital experience, from marketing and social media to content creation, website design, and event promotion. Your mission is to create a cohesive, compelling digital journey that aligns with our chapter’s vision and objectives.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Digital Strategy: Develop and execute comprehensive digital marketing strategies to enhance brand visibility, member engagement, and conversion rates.
  • Web Mastery: Lead the design, maintenance, and optimization of our website to provide a seamless, user-friendly experience while aligning with business goals.
  • Content Excellence: Drive the creation of captivating, shareable content across digital platforms to support the member journey and increase chapter resonance.


Role Overview:

As the Director of Membership Engagement and Growth, you will be at the forefront of our chapter’s efforts to build a vibrant and thriving community of members. Your role is pivotal in cultivating strong relationships, enhancing member experiences, and driving growth through engagement initiatives. You will work collaboratively to retain existing members while strategically expanding our membership base.
Key Responsibilities:
  • Member Engagement: Develop and implement strategies to actively engage and connect with our current members, ensuring they feel valued, involved, and part of a dynamic community.
  • Retention Strategies: Design and execute programs and initiatives to increase member retention rates, reduce churn, and promote long-term commitment.
  • Growth Initiatives: Identify and pursue opportunities to expand our membership base, targeting new audiences and demographics.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Utilize data and analytics to assess membership trends, track engagement metrics, and make informed decisions to guide growth strategies.


 Role Overview:
As the Director of Volunteer Experience, you will be the driving force behind building and maintaining a dynamic team of volunteers who play a crucial role in advancing the mission of our chapter. Your responsibilities will extend to recruiting, training, and managing volunteers with varying duties under different directors. Your ultimate goal is to ensure that our volunteers have a meaningful and rewarding experience while contributing to our chapter's success.
Key Responsibilities:
    • Recruitment and Onboarding: Develop and implement strategies for recruiting volunteers across different board functions and roles, aligning their skills and interests with the chapter's needs.
    • Volunteer Training: Coordinate with department directors to provide comprehensive training to volunteers, ensuring they are well-prepared to fulfill their roles effectively.
    • Engagement and Retention: Foster a culture of appreciation and recognition, implementing programs to keep volunteers engaged, motivated, and committed to the mission and values of the chapter.
    • Performance Tracking: Collaborate with other Directors to track volunteer performance and contributions, utilizing data and feedback to continuously enhance the volunteer experience.


Role Overview:

As the Director of Programs, you will be at the forefront of our chapter’s efforts to design and deliver impactful programs, events, and workshops that advance our mission and engage our community. Your role is instrumental in shaping the strategic direction, planning, and full execution of all chapter programs. You will be responsible for creating an environment where innovation, collaboration, and meaningful outcomes flourish.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Program Development: Lead the strategic planning, design, and development of all chapter programs, ensuring they align with our mission, values, and the evolving needs of our community.
  • Full Execution: Oversee the comprehensive execution of programs, events, and workshops, from concept to completion, ensuring high-quality delivery and participant satisfaction.
  • Team Leadership: Work with fellow Director of Programs to manage a diverse team of volunteers fostering a collaborative and results-driven culture.
  • Performance Evaluation: Continuously assess program effectiveness through data analysis and feedback, making data-driven decisions to enhance program quality and impact.

2023 Nomination and Voting Process:

The nominating committee, which consists of current board members, will review applications, interview candidates, and present a slate of Directors to the membership for a vote. Here is the timeline for the nomination and voting period:

      • December 16, 2023: Board Applications Open
      • December 31, 2023: Board Applications Close
      • January 2nd - 5th, 2024: Candidate Interviews
      • January 8th - 15th, 2024: Voting Period for Chapter Members
      • Week of January 15th: 2024 Board of Directors Announced

Please seriously consider the contribution you can make to our Chapter and to your own professional development. To submit your application, click Application Form below. If you have questions, please reach out to Jenna Propson at

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