Zoom Like a Boss: Show Up Stronger Virtually

  • Wed, April 28, 2021
  • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Webinar



Zoom Like a Boss:

Show Up Stronger Virtually

Show up to empower and transform, although VIRTUALLY!

Let's face it, everyone is speaking and training virtually, but you want to stand out and not sink into the crowd right?

Join us as Marquesa Pettway— former CNN Associate Producer turned Business Reinvention Strategist & Professional Speaker —shows us how to Zoom Like a Boss!

There are two keys this workshop will focus on: “Virtual Engagement & Zooming Like A Boss” - believe it or not, they are interchangeable.

Change the Way You Show Up Virtually!

Zoom is not just a let's talk, chat, and listen platform - it's a virtual stage and classroom.

How can the Zoom platform become your most brilliant virtual classroom or stage?

What is the right and wrong way to deliver your content?

The Take-Aways:

Zooming like a boss is about connection, engagement, leveraging the zoom tool and making the content sticky.

    • The Zoom Smart Virtual Classroom defined!
    • Understanding the mistakes which create disengaged participants.
    • Engaging the participants pre- and post- your event! This means everything.
    • The virtual connection (the good and bad).
    • The engagement process (it’s actually strategic).
    • Easy tools that make all the difference and that MOST people that zoom do not know about! These tools require a $2000 Zoom account unless you know Marquesa.
    • The five basics of a zoom production.

    Marquesa's clients pay her $10k - $20k for this information.

    About Marquesa Pettway

    Former CNN Associate Producer turned Business Reinvention Strategist & Professional Speaker, MARQUESA PETTWAY, (CSP) helps Experts and Organizations leverage the ZOOM Platform resulting in engaging virtual events, smart productive meetings, and multiple virtual-based income streams.

    (NYC Resident for nearly 30 years) Born in Texas, Marquesa studied broadcast journalism and communications earning a BA from Texas Southern University. Her graduation gift was a job with CNN Business in New York. After five years, she joined the telecommunications industry as a Sales and Marketing Executive for AT&T and reigned as the queen for five years straight. www.ZoomLikeABoss.com 

    Note to registrants:  This event may be recorded for chapter marketing purposes.

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