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What's the difference between ATD National and ATD San Diego?

ATD San Diego is your local chapter of the national ATD organization. We work very closely with the national organization, but we are separate entities and we require separate memberships. Many of our members find great value in belonging to both the national and local chapters.

ATD National provides extensive research on various topics in the talent development field and publish them in the form of books, publications, and research reports. ATD National also provides professional development opportunities, such as certification programs, webcasts, and conferences. As an ATD National member, you can also participate in discussion with your peers from all our the world, gain access to communities of practice, and receive discounts on most ATD National offerings.

ATD San Diego provides professional and personal development at the grassroots level, including in-person networking opportunities in the local community and hands-on opportunities for career development. As a member of the San Diego chapter, you are eligible for an ATD National membership discount.

To join ATD National or both the National and San Diego chapters, visit ATD National website.
To join ATD San Diego chapter only, begin the process on our JOIN US page.

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