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June President's Letter

Mon, June 24, 2013 2:00 PM | Grace Judson

Happy Summer!

We have lots to talk about in this newsletter, so please be sure to at least scan all the headlines so you don't miss anything.  And for sure check out the announcement of an ROI Workshop in August that's down below in Upcoming Events!

If you attended our Ultimate HR Marketplace a few weeks ago, you know it was a great success.  It seemed that everyone, from the exhibitors to the attendees, was very happy with the event, so we're even more hopeful that it's the First of many Annual occurrances.  Thanks to all who worked very hard to make this such a great event!

It's PEAK Awards Nomination Season!

Do you know someone who's been part of an innovative and successful Learning & Development project?  

Maybe it's you - maybe it's a friend or colleague - maybe it's a project you completed for a client - maybe it's an internal project within your organization or an organization you're familiar with.  All these are great candidates!

You can nominate someone or apply on your own behalf.  Public, private, and nonprofit organizations of any size are eligible.

This is a prestigious prize recognizing the top Training & Development initiatives within the San Diego community.

To nominate someone (other than yourself), please email our PEAK Awards Chair, Bryan Lubic, at  We want to hear about who's doing interesting, successful T&D projects.  We'll follow up with your nominee to encourage them to apply for the award.

To take a readiness assessment to help understand the program and see if your program or project might be a winner, click here.

To apply, download the application form:  click here.

And to learn more, visit the website:  click here.

Or contact Bryan (his email is above) for more information.


VOLUNTEERS!  Your Chapter needs you!

We need  help in the following roles:

  • The 2013 Mentor-Protege program still needs MENTORS.  Email Kevin Mayfield at if you're interested.  (Very time-sensitive - email today!)
  • The 2013 Your Turn to Learn conference needs a Post-Conference Happy Hour coordinator.  Email the Conference Co-Chairs at
  • Our Chapter as a whole needs assistance with Marketing expertise.  Email me if you're interested.

And we always have places open for anyone who wants to help with Event Registration (staffing the welcome/registration tables), staging the various events and programs we put on each month, and Membership initiatives.

The best way to meet your goals for networking, learning, and personal/professional development is always to get involved!


Are you a current volunteer interested in being on the Board of Directors?

We have several positions open, with the term starting on January 1st 2014 (though all Board members will participate in the turnover process following the election cycle).  

If you've been a volunteer at any time in the last few years and are interested in helping to set the direction of the Chapter, please contact our 2014 President, Nancy McMonigal:

Open positions include CFO, Professional Development, Marketing, Membership, and Programs Co-Chair.


Last month I introduced half of your ASTD-SD Board members.  Here's an introduction to the rest of us.


Constantine Bautista is a veteran at this position, having very graciously agreed to stay on for a third year (Board positions usually have two-year terms).  He brings a calm voice of reason to our Board, always asking us to stay focused on what's most important.  

Of course it's crucial for any organization to have clear awareness of the day-to-day financial picture.  In a volunteer organization where the Board members change so rapidly (at least 50% turnover each year as terms expire), it's even more important to keep an eye on the financials and make sure we know where our money is coming from and where it's going.  Constantine has been outstanding in this role for us.


Mary Jane Riccardi, sometimes known as MJ, is a familiar face on the Board because she's already served a two-year term as Programs Co-Director.  We enticed her back onto the Board as Secretary this year, and we're very glad to have her keeping us on track with commitments and making sure that we dot the proverbial I's and cross the T's. 

The Secretary's role is crucial in that regard.  For instance, MJ is responsible for auditing our contracts process and that we have the proper agreements in place - obviously not a small thing.  MJ's attention to detail and calm good humor help keep all of us focused and paying attention to what's necessary for the good of the Chapter. 


The President-Elect role is the most flexible of any Board position.  The primary responsibility here is to prepare for the Presidency year upcoming.  Nancy McMonigal as been outstanding in her willingness to jump in and help in every area across the Board (pun intended ... sorry!).  She is an outstanding communicator and forms not just networks, but real relationships with a wide range of people, and this has helped her add significant value to our Chapter this year.

Nancy is gearing up to be an amazing President in 2014!

Office Manager

As I mention above, the Board is a constantly moving picture.  At least half of the Board rolls off every year, which means at least half of the Board is new every year.  

Many of you know Shannon Hoolihan, our long-term (and probably long-suffering!) Office Manager.  As the only paid position in our Chapter's organizational structure, she's the consistency and backbone behind the Chapter's processes. I can't imagine what we'd do without her.  She's always good-natured and always willing to take on something extra even when it's outside her defined role.  And I frankly don't want to imagine how often she must be asked the same questions over and over again by each new Board member, but somehow she always has a patient answer for us. Thank you, Shannon!

Grace Judson
2013 Chapter President

Standout of the Month:  Shannon Hoolihan

Shannon Hoolihan, our Chapter Office Manager, is truly an integral part of our organization.  Patiently answering questions, responding to Board members' requests for immediate help, making sure the ongoing day-to-day administrivia is attended to, Shannon is always willing to help. 

As a Board member, I know how many times I've relied on her experience with the Chapter, yet I also suspect that we as a Board don't always appreciate her as much as we should.  

So, Shannon, here's to you:  thank you so much for all you do! 

Upcoming Events:

July 11 & 12:  Consulting Skills Certificate

A two-day Consulting Skills certificate presented by ASTD National here in San Diego.

This program demonstrates the behaviors and processes for effective internal consulting, including the actions to take to achieve desired outcomes, establishing goals and managing expectations, guiding clients through the process, building credibility to influence decision-making, and overcoming obstacles and resistance. 

Register on the ASTD National website:  click here

July 11:  Human Performance Mastermind

Join members and guests of San Diego leadership organizations for an informal evening of conversation, networking, and masterminding.  Click here to learn more and register.

August 20:  The Bottom Line on ROI - a one-day workshop

Have you ever been asked to demonstrate the Return on Investment (ROI) for a learning initiative or training program?  Have you been frustrated by how difficult this can be?

The ROI Institute is the acknowledged leader in this challenging area of expertise, and they're coming to San Diego in August.  We are very fortunate to be co-sponsoring a one-day ROI workshop led by Patti Phillips, PhD, the President and CEO of the ROI Institute.

Space is limited to just 20 attendees.  Click here to learn more about the workshop and to register.

September 24:  Your Turn to Learn Annual Conference

The web page for our Conference is being built even as I type this.  We have a great lineup of speakers, including Jim Smith Jr. of JIMpact as our keynote, and a range of wonderful breakout sessions based on our theme of Collaborate, Integrate, Engage.  

Be sure to mark September 24th on your calendar for this year's Your Turn to Learn conference.

How can your ASTD San Diego Chapter help you?

Now you know who we are as a Board.

Tell us about you!  What one thing could we do as a chapter to support you in achieving your professional goals?

We're always ready to talk with you and we're eager for your suggestions.

Email me - or any of our Board - and let us know how you feel about your chapter.  What's working, what's not, and what can we do to be the resource you need?

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