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November President's Letter

Thu, November 21, 2013 10:33 AM | Grace Judson

Greetings, and happy Thanksgiving to you all! 

On Monday, I chaired my very last ASTD-SD Board meeting as President.  (We don't meet in December.) It's bittersweet in so many ways to be coming to the end of my term!

At that meeting, I thanked everyone who has been part of my Board of Directors for this year. I want to thank them all again here. It's been an interesting year for all of us, with a number of wonderful success stories as well as some inevitable bumps in the road. Of course it's obvious that without their support, we wouldn't have had the successes, nor been able to navigate the bumps. 

And in many situations they went above and beyond, dedicating their time, energy, and effort to our volunteer organization.

So - big, big thanks to the 2013 Board of Directors!

Nancy McMonigal - President-Elect
Constantine Bautista - CFO (retiring)
Mary Jane Riccardi - Secretary
Gaby Alvarez - Professional Development (retiring)
Carol Sheckler - Programs (retiring)
Liz Aitcheson - Programs
Gregg Fasbinder - Membership (retiring)

The year may be coming to an end, but our planning process is gathering momentum. Nancy (incoming President) facilitated our Board Transition meeting a few weeks ago and did a fabulous job. I found myself taking notes on all the things I might have done but didn't, and I suspect I'll be doing that throughout 2014 ... as I sit back and enjoy being Past President!

So stay tuned for what's coming! 2014 will include more joint activities with our sister organizations throughout the county, fewer "lunch and a speaker" events, and more panels, round-tables, and other opportunities for real hands-on experiential learning.  

I can't wait!

Grace Judson
2013 Chapter President


Volunteers of the Month: PEAK Award Judges

Kathy Box, Sarai McMahon, and Marianne Hamilton

Judging the submissions for our annual PEAK (Performance Excellence and Applied Knowledge) is never an easy task. The applications are always top-notch (of course), and selecting the winner is a rigorous and exacting process

As always, our judges step up and take on the responsibility with dedication and aplomb.

So big thanks to them, our Volunteers of the Month!


Upcoming Events

December 11th Chapter Meeting: Let's Celebrate a Year of Learning!

We're packing a lot into our December meeting! First,you'll have a chance to acknowledge the achievements of this year's participants in our award-winning Mentor-Protege program - and then you'll have a chance to meet and talk with some of our San Diego community's Local Authors:  David Berke, Jeff Toister, Denise Lee Yohn, and Tom Leech will all be there.

Click here to learn more and register.

December 12th ... January 9th Human Performance Alliance Mastermind

Join members and guests of San Diego leadership organizations for an informal evening of conversation, networking, and masterminding. Click here to learn more and register for the December meeting, and click here to learn more and register for January.


Focus for 2014:
technology, communities of practice, and engagement

As mentioned above, we have some intriguing plans unfolding for 2014.

Nancy McMonigal, 2014 Chapter President, is looking to ASTD National's Communities of Practice to help guide our topic selections and panel discussions.

And our Events Directors, Liz Aitcheson and Jacqueline Sirota, are already making plans for more technology workshops in the upcoming year.

All these plans are designed for all of us in the San Diego Learning & Development community to expand our professional development and our networking.

This means we need you - your full engagement. We rely on volunteers for everything we do - event planning and execution, our website, financial management, assisting our members, communicating our value to the San Diego community - anything you can think of, we need your help with.

Are you ready to get involved in 2014?  We're ready to work with you to accomplish great things together!

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